The Illusion of Competition – (Road to the House that God Built – Week 7)

Competition only exists in the mind of fear. Remove your energy and shift your focus from fear to love. You will then continue to draw everything into your life that you love. You do not have the power over the soul of another, so there is nothing you can take away from another soul that was not initially yours from the creation of love. In the same manner, there is nothing you can remove through the experience that is created by another from their initial experience of love. Your soul cannot experience that which another soul has created from their love. This is why competition does not exist. The perception of lack is an illusion the mind has created in order to understand its own joy.” – Suzy Bootz

Excerpt from Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life & Discovering Our Purpose

What if I told you that competition was actually a huge misconception and one of the greatest illusions? How would you feel about that? We are so often raised as children to believe that there are limited opportunities for us out in the world around us. So, we learn to compete for recognition, friends, and even attention. Looking at the social media today, it is apparent we still all want to be seen, heard, and understood. I personally have a love/hate relationship with the social media. I love how it connects me to my friends, to clients around the world, and to strangers who will either inspire us or become inspired by our actions.

Throughout my life, I have been shown visions and dreams of events that have allowed me to see what God is sharing with me. My role is to align with the emotions of these visions, and begin to connect to already having them in my life through my actions and thoughts. I can’t just sit and think about winning a competition, but I have to create an action plan that will enable me to experience the greatest version of myself and work towards that vision every single day. While I am focusing on preparing in every way possible, the thought of what other people are entering the competition and what they bring into the equation that I don’t have doesn’t even cross my mind.

If you feel stuck as to how you perceive any competition you have entered, then say a prayer and ask God to show you what this passion looks like through the eyes of truth… through the eyes of your creator. God doesn’t see fear when co-creating the greatest miracles in your life. Source only see’s and feels the love you create when your heart expands at the thought of just being one with your dream. You don’t need for it to make sense to you now. It just needs to resonate within the walls of your soul and brings a smile to your face whenever you think about having this dream.

In the world of illusion it may appear that only the lucky and the special are called to win contests, however if you chose to enter then you might just be reigniting the flame of possibilities within you. It becomes so easy to lose sight of your own dreams that oftentimes you enter situations to remind yourself how to dream. You can take your imagination on a journey into the world of infinite possibilities and somewhere along the voyage, you may tap into your God whispers once again. I truly believe that dreams are our way of connecting to God, to your own soul, and to your world of unlimited possibilities.

Competition is a perception of lack because you try to convince yourself that what your soul is ultimately trying to experience is the satisfaction of feeling worthy and chosen. What if God were speaking worthiness into you every moment of your life, but you cannot hear your whispers because you are so focused on the noise from the world around you? What if through this competition you enter, you end up gaining so much knowledge about yourself, courage, and the feelings of empowerment that no dollar amount in prizes will ever replace? This is why competition is amazing! It reminds you of what you are capable of NOT what you are worthy of.

You are a child of God and are worthy of every beautiful dream and loving relationship you can create. However, throughout my life, I have learned the most empowering and loving relationship I will ever experience is between myself and God, myself and my dreams, and ultimately the relationship I develop with myself.  You are already chosen to create the greatest forms of love in your life, and how you choose to create this will allow you to push your energy beyond what you thought you were even capable of. You are extraordinary beyond measure, so now is the time to start thinking and acting like the miracle worker that you are! You deserve to live your greatest life, and whenever you feel uncertain or alone remember this… your journey begins with a prayer.