Claim Your Journey – (Road to the House that God Built – Week 10)

Seek first to know the kingdom of God within you and there you will discover your riches that not another can lay claim to. For they have been awaiting your discovery all along, and desire to experience love through you as you do through them. Your miracle is only one thought away.” – Suzy Bootz

Excerpt from The Wealth Blueprint – Tapping into the Abundance Within
Suzy Bootz Inspiration Podcast

Manifesting miracles is about tapping into the greatest resource you have within you, which is the power of your own mind to harness your creative energy and live your life as the miracle worker that God created you to be! What a beautiful journey you have chosen to embark on through this manifesting challenge. By now you may be getting to realize that you are not only the observer but also the creator of your life. Through challenging yourself to think differently, you may have shifted your perspective from thinking that life happens to you and transforming into a deliberate creator. This is the journey that has given me the greatest feeling of accomplishment as well as empowerment.

I used to believe an illusion that life and luck happened only to the special people that God “called” into living an abundant life. However, as my relationship with God became deeper and more transparent I had to own my actions in my own life and no longer pretend that I was a victim to what I was experiencing. Granted, there have been things in my life that I had no control over that almost shattered my soul to the core. The death of my mom from breast cancer so many years ago was one of those moments where I experienced what true depression was in my life. I was so spiritually and emotionally broken that I couldn’t see myself out of the darkness. It was scary.

But then, through prayer I discovered an overwhelming feeling of unconditional love and abundant freedom to create joy in ways I never thought I could experience. My prayer for you is that you also get to know yourself and your own potential through the eyes of God, and Through the Eyes of Truth. My relationship with God has transformed my life into one of purpose and manifesting my greatest visions. In the past, I used to believe that people received blessings because they were just more important in God’s eyes than I was. But truth be told, I realized that as a creator in my own life, I didn’t value myself enough to believe that I deserved to have the happiness and abundance that I thought was only saved for the special.

I am no different than you are. I know what it feels like to walk in fear and anxiety. I have felt the pain of constant defeat until I believed that I didn’t deserve to have the life I wanted to live. But with each broken piece of my heart, I prayed and asked God to show me my truth, and with every prayer God answered. It wasn’t until I realized that I have to be responsible for how I feel. Meaning that I cannot blame another person for my unhappiness or sorrow. Unconditional love means that we love ourselves in spite of what another person feels about us. This is powerful and monumental when it came to understanding that I cannot ask God for blessings that I refused to create for myself.

Somewhere in the years of writing my God whispers into books, and becoming a coach to empower women around the world, I discovered that all roads in my journey lead back to God. Only when I felt worthy enough to create an experience that may be perceived as “lucky” to others, did I realize that we are all lucky and we are all special children of God. It comes down to how you perceive yourself and if you find yourself worthy enough to start creating your greatest life without the permission or the approval from another.

My prayer for you through this journey into The House that God Built is to remind you that your joy and unconditional love lies within you. When you can shift your perspective from wanting to already having the goals you want in your life, then you will witness them unfold in your world. Thoughts, emotions, and actions are all manifesting tools that you use to create the life you already have. So, if you want new experiences then understand how you can harness the power within you to create those experiences. If you feel stuck or anxious, then ask God to show you what your situation looks like through the eyes of Source and then shift your perspective so you can create new experiences.

Look in the mirror today and see what God sees. A powerful and magnificent person who is perfectly designed to create a ripple of inspiration and hope in your own life and possibly in the life of another. You are masterfully and brilliantly made! When you claim the life you were born to live, then you will become the author of your story and the light in your universe. We were never meant to walk this journey alone. Although it may feel isolating and scary at times, you have within you the greatest friend and love story you will ever know. Your relationship with yourself and with your creator. Maybe now is the time that you will write a new chapter of miracles into the book of your life. I look forward to reading about it and feeling the chills of God whispers flow through me when you share your story with the world.

Remember, your journey begins with a prayer.