Aligning with Millions (Road to The House that God Built – Week 4)

If you desire to create one million dollars in cash or millions of dollars in value through a beautiful new dream home, you are the creator of your own story. Your soul seeks truth through the expression of your hands, your heart, and your mind. For you write your chapters into being one word, thought, and deed at a time. Knowing this, why do you choose to seek your truth out through the lost souls in the world around you? All you need already exists within you, and it will lead you to connect to its existence through your own heart.”– Suzy Bootz

Excerpt from The Wealth Blueprint – Tapping into the Abundance Within

Growing up in Puerto Rico during some of my childhood years, our family was not wealthy. In fact, I grew up in very humble beginnings where we didn’t have much money, but never lacked hot food on our plates and a good education. This was important to my mom as we grew up, to instill within us the value of becoming educated so we could be self- sufficient and hopefully create a better life than she had. In our family, it wasn’t if you were going to college rather when you finish college, then you can get married and do whatever your heart desires.

Although education is important, we don’t learn the value of money or how we can learn to earn it, keep it, and ultimately grow it so we have more. This is so important in our world today, especially since everyone needs it in order to survive. Although I learned the importance of money and being able to live a frugal and responsible life through my years, I still had the lack mentality when it came to manifesting money. When I began writing my books, and especially The Wealth Blueprint – Tapping into the Abundance Within, I realized that just like abundance – lack is a mindset. We don’t often realize that our own limiting thoughts about money is what keeps us struggling to either make it or keep it.

Through my conversations with God, I realized that changing my perspective about money and what it represented to me was so important when it came to manifesting abundance. After all, if you believe that money is something you have to struggle to get or you have to do a job or have a career that doesn’t satisfy you in order to just make ends meet, then you may believe that you can’t create millions of dollars or even an amount that will keep you out of debt. Like with anything you become successful in, the relationship you have with money will ultimately determine how you manifest it in your life.

I could easily look at my life circumstances and believe the illusions passed down to me from people around me. These limitations being that I cannot create the wealth I want to experience because I am a minority, a woman, and am over the age of 50. Yet, look at the world around you and realize there are dreamers manifesting their best life at any age, race, or gender. These beautiful souls are shattering the illusion of stereotypes we learn to believe at a very young age.

Truth is that your mind is unlimited and your potential is as well. What if the wealth you were trying to create started within you? What if that beautiful gift that you love to do and talent that so many compliment you about is where your abundance actually lies? Would you take a chance and just start creating love from your own hands? After all, you don’t have to quit your job in order to enjoy your passions. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and there is always time to do what you love along with performing your responsibilities as well.

Learn to look at your life through the eyes of God, Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life & Discovering Our Purpose. Then you may begin to manifest the greatest version of your life one answered prayer at a time. Your God given gifts are free, your talents are free, and your time and energy is free. So, it becomes difficult to assume that only those who appear to be privileged get to life a life of abundance. If you get stuck in your thinking then ask God to show you what your potential looks like through the eyes of Source. Wait for your answer and then honor your God whispers.

Your journey begins with a prayer.