Your Key to the Kingdom (Road to The House that God Built – Week 3)

Choose to walk in love and I will guide you through the path of illusion back into the eyes of truth. Seek not your truth in the world outside of you, and tune into the sound of my voice resonating through every beat your heart takes. Listen to my breath as one with you and know that I am that I am. There, in the stillness of your awareness you will lift the veil of illusion and see the eyes of your creator staring back at you earn you look into the mirror of life. Know without a doubt that heaven exists within the walls of your soul where I am one within you.

Take peace in the tranquil blanket of love I cover your body with every moment of your journey on this precious life, in order to discover yourself as a creator. There is nothing you can do to stray from me my child, for I cannot lose that which I already am. I can only continue to love you and lift your soul in the moments you cry out to me. I live for you whether or not you are aware of this truth. There is nothing you have to do in order to be loved. You have only to be.” – Suzy Bootz

Excerpt from The Wealth Blueprint – Tapping into the Abundance Within
A person holding an iphone with the cover of the book " the wealth blueprint ".
The Wealth Blueprint

Who holds the key to unlocking your dream home? It’s YOU! The greatest house you will ever live in is your body. When you realize this beautiful truth, you will begin treating yourself as the greatest walking miracle in your own life. Think about it… your body houses your mind, soul, your greatest potential, and the most beautiful relationship you will ever experience. The relationship between you and your creator, between you and your goals, and between you and yourself. How remarkable is that?! Inside of you dwells the most sacred living space in the world, and you hold the key to unlocking your greatest potential each and every moment of the day.

We spend so much time focused on what is happening in the world outside of us, that often you forget to focus the same effort on what is happening within the walls of your own soul. So many of us think our problems will disappear “if only” we had enough money, time, energy, support. But money doesn’t buy you freedom from fear and stress. Time is free to all of us, and how you spend your time determines how fulfilled you will be in your life. Energy is also free to every living creature, but how much dedicated focus and effort are you putting into manifesting your dreams and cultivating your God given gifts? We often think that support has to come from outside of us, but the permission to do what brings our soul joy is also free and fully under your control. How are you supporting yourself?

You don’t need to spend time comparing yourself to the world around you. There is miracles being created every moment of your life, and how you choose to use your own gifts to create your life miracles depends only on you. If you are feeling stuck or lost and without purpose, then ask God to show you what your life looks like through the eyes of Source… Through the Eyes of Truth. Then listen. Spend quiet time in meditation every day until you begin hearing your own God whispers. Then start deepening your relationship with your goals like you spend nourishing your relationship with people who are important to you.

You greatest abundance of anything you want to experience in love already exists within you. This includes your abundance of health, knowledge, joy, and even wealth. How you choose to cultivate your relationship with yourself depends only on you. This is the only life you have been given, so don’t you think that you are worthy to create your dream home within exactly as you want to see it in the world outside of you? Although there may appear to be moments of your life when you feel alone, you are not. God is just waiting for you to connect and to build a relationship so you can experience the love you deserve to have. Now is the time, so remember…

Your journey begins with a prayer.